Provenance Representation and Storage Techniques in Linked Data: A State-of-the-art Survey

Ujjal Marjit, Kumar Sharma, Utpal Biswas
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The Linked Open Data project has changed the world by allowing publishers to publish data of any kind as linked data and share, reuse them among other data. In Open Data each data is easily accessible and processable by machine hence one can navigate to an endless web of data sources. In the present day, many times Linked Data still suffers from trust, quality and privacy. It is requisite to endow with provenance access mechanisms that express the diverse characteristics of a dataset. In a huge
more » ... volume of data-sources it is thorny to find out the trusted data and determine what a data is meant for. The Data Provenance in the Web of Data is a new technique which enabled the publishers and consumers of Linked Data to assess the quality and trustworthiness of the data. Several techniques have been emerged to represent and describe the provenance metadata in relation to the linked datasets. In this paper we appraise different techniques in this field mostly in terms of the representation, storage, and generation of provenance information of Linked Data. In addition to that we have illustrated, evaluated and identified the contemporary research challenges in this field.
doi:10.5120/4637-6889 fatcat:nygilzlzvjbwdggqgbn56dmsom