Intelligent demand side management in smart-microgrids

H. S. V. S. Kumar Nunna, Suryanarayana Doolla
2013 2013 IEEE International Workshop on Inteligent Energy Systems (IWIES)  
This paper proposes a general demand-side management strategy in microgrids with the presence of renewable sources. To apply proposed above strategy by electric price in Vietnam, it must be participated of photovoltaic and wind power generations and energy storage. An algorithm applied for this program is created by comparing amount of energy generating from generations and consumed by electric load. Amount of energy that must be bought from the grid or sells to it can be calculated by
more » ... culated by dispatching energy between hours that have the lowest electric price level and hours that have the medium and highest electric price levels. A case study that energy generating from generations is not equal energy consumed by load in hours having the medium and highest electric price levels is made more detailed in this paper. Algorithms to dispatch energy at any time to achieve the purpose of not buying electricity from the grid in above hours basing on electric price levels, efficiency of energy conversion, rated capacity of units and analysis of power flows in whole system. Results providing from algorithms are energy that must be bought from the grid or sell to the grid, instantaneous capacity of energy storage. Simulation results corresponding to this case study carried out in MATLAB 2018a present the meaning and feasibility of proposed contents.
doi:10.1109/iwies.2013.6698573 fatcat:a5j44txa5bavnezk35salmvxb4