The Study of Handwriting Recognition Algorithms Based on Neural Networks

Barak Finkelstein, Athabasca University , Canada, Kaplan Kuncan, Athabasca University , Canada
2021 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
Handwriting Identifies basic graph-like problems and has a high real-world value in areas such as cloud accounting, finance, and postal administration. Due to the unrestricted problem of handwritten numbers when writing, it is relatively difficult to achieve rapid and effective recognition. With the emergence of deep learning-related algorithms and the rapid development of computer hardware technology, image classification methods based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) have gradually
more » ... a research hotspot. Because the convolutional network has a strong letter numbering ability and network generalization ability, the recognition rate can often exceed the traditional graph classing method. Therefore, the study of hand-written word recognition should be implemented using CNN through the network. Handwriting Word Recognition is the key technique for self-identification. Therefore, summarizing and analyzing the existing handwritten digit recognition algorithms, two handwritten digit recognition algorithms based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) are proposed. To improve the recognition performance of the CNN model, this article proposes a handwriting recognition algorithm based on the change to CNN. To extract the image feature information more fully, this paper proposes a handwriting recognition algorithm based on feature fusion and SVM. First, using the modified CNN model and the Gabor filter that introduces curvature systems, extract the CNN and Gabor characteristics of the character image; Second, the characteristics of its progress are fused to obtain more effective new features; Finally, the fusion feature is entered into the SVM classifier into the line number of words to recognize. The results of the experiment show that the algorithm can effectively improve the recognition effect of handwritten words knowledge is easier, but also improves the generalization ability and accuracy of classification. Common classification algorithms for constrains neural networks are logical regression, SoftMax regression, and the most classic SVM.
doi:10.21742/ijhit.2021.14.1.05 fatcat:cdsakc65bngsxazidbbwkjqyai