Left Bronchial Foreign Body Is Always Left Rigid Bronchoscopy an Armour Beyond Barriers in Retrieval-A Case Series

2020 Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Biology  
Airway foreign bodies (AFBs) is an interdisciplinary area between, Pediatrics and Otolaryngology [1]. Foreign-body aspiration in the airway of children is a life-threatening clinical situation responsible for many deaths each year. Most airway foreign body aspirations occur in children younger than 15 years; children aged 1-3 years are the most susceptible [2]. Vegetable matter tends to be the most common airway foreign body; peanuts are the most common food item aspirated [5]. We present four
more » ... nteresting cases of bronchial foreign bodies that caused diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.
doi:10.33140/jpnb.05.03.05 fatcat:z5jy5txfhba3jbbvjv4bot624a