The Effect of Hydroxyapatite from Various Toothpastes on Tooth Enamel

Daniela Jumanca, Anamaria Matichescu, Atena Galuscan, Octavia Balean, Laura Cristina Rusu
2019 Revista de chimie (Bucuresti)  
The process of re-demineralisation is governed by the degree of mineral saturation of oral fluids. Due to positive changes in conditions, remineralisation can become the predominant process leading to the healing of injuries. To improve remineralisation, it is necessary to increase the concentration of calcium and fluoride in oral fluids. For this purpose, fluorides have traditionally been used in varied forms and concurrently, the cariostatic mechanism can be explained by increasing the force
more » ... f fluorapatites. The aim of this paper was to demonstrate the importance of using toothpastes containing hydroxyapatite on tooth enamel and how to operate at microscopic level by sealing the enamel and enamel prism defects etched by acid. The specimens obtained from extracted teeth were treated with different types of toothpastes containing hydroxyapatite: Biorepair, Sensodyne Repair * Protect and Lacalut White * Repair. We treated the teeth with the aforementioned toothpastes, followed the study under SEM microscope. We compared the control sample with the treated sample, and then the treated samples were compared to each other. All three toothpastes used had the expected result, making a protective layer on the surface of the etched enamel, but in this study, the Sensodyne toothpaste seems to be the most effective.
doi:10.37358/rc.19.7.7388 fatcat:ucst4wtym5bkho3b4xj6ihl7qy