Wheat sprouts processing technology and powder receiving from the marcs with high content of the biological active substances

G. A. Gubanenko, E. A. Rechkina, L. V. Naymushina, L. A. Mayurnikova, I. V. Matskevich, T. A. Balyabina
2019 Vestnik Voronežskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta Inženernyh Tehnologij  
Currently, the world practice of the food technology uses an integrated approach of the deep vegetable raw processing, including the secondary resources in order to reduce the direct costs and production costs. In this research, the quantitative and qualitative composition of the marcs obtained while producing the "Vigrass" juice from the wheat germ of 10–12 cm long is investigated. It is revealed that the volume of the obtained marcs is up to 35%, their humidity of 70–74% in the conditions of
more » ... the conditions of the "Prorostki" Ltd company production is determined. It has been studied that 100 g of marc contains: protein – 5.56 g, lipids – 3.96 g, organic acids – 0.93 g. It is established that the wheat sprouts marcs include the amount of P – active substances 110 mg/100 g, flavonoids 200 mg/100 g, chlorophyll 12 mg/100 g, tannin 370 mg/100 g, vitamin C 129 mg/100 g. It is identified that 12.83% of dietary fibers marcs include 6.81% of lignin, 1.50% of cellulose, 4.23% of hemicellulose and 0.29% of pectin substances. The dynamics of the vitamin C and chlorophyll content in the wheat sprouts marcs depending on the drying temperature is educed. It has been established that during the marc drying at high temperatures, the amount of vitamin C and chlorophyll decreases by more than 60% of the total content, which is consistent with the data of other authors. The technological parameters of the marc drying for the production conditions have been determined. They make possible to preserve the biologically active substances almost fully: temperature 40 °С, time 8 hours. A complex technology has been developed to process wheat sprouts to produce the "Vitgrass" juice and powder from marc.
doi:10.20914/2310-1202-2019-2-154-161 fatcat:b2ec2i2ydfdezniwvydkxhxbuy