Inquiry learning

Adriana Duarte, Bernadete Campello
2021 IASL Annual Conference Proceedings  
Inquiry learning is a concept familiar to Brazilian librarians, who have been expressing concern about their contribution in innovating the learning process. It is therefore necessary that future librarians experience this learning strategy during their education. This study aimed to investigate: 1) how library students exposed repeatedly to strategies of inquiry learning react; 2) the difficulties they encounter in the process; 3) and what types of learning they acquire. Data were collected
more » ... ough in depth interviews with undergraduate library students taking an Information Literacy Course. Data analysis was based on Kuhlthau's ISP model (2004) and in the five types of learning (Kuhlthau; Maniotes & Caspari, 2012) Results, that cannot be generalized, show that students reacted positively to the strategy, although they reported several difficulties. In conclusion the repetition of the inquiry learning process became important for students to feel more secure and confident and for their difficulties to be minimized. On the whole the acquisition of the five types of learning was observed.
doi:10.29173/iasl7453 fatcat:cxuu7q2xjfgzvdk6jbwgnqtgcq