Philippines Educational System and Employment Schemes: Authors' Overview

2020 jecet  
The study precisely focused on the issues on sociological phenomenon relative to educational system and employment scheme of the Philippines. The main purpose of the researchers is to overview and evaluate on how it affects to the life of Filipinos. Sources of data were consolidated from literatures and previous studies of philosophers and researchers from their written reports of conferences, interviews, and observations. Applied qualitative research design to established records on how school
more » ... cords on how school interventions and interference contributes to the societal problems especially on unemployment and thematically analyzed the data to prove the validity of its records but rather this research not viewed any treatment nor any manipulations. Results overviewed information that enlightens political leader's perspective on issues and concerns regarding unemployment, which leads to proposed later studies "to ratiocinate job vacancies over graduates" in order to justify perhaps that there were inflation of graduates which resulted to unemployment.
doi:10.24214/jecet.c.9.2.18594 fatcat:mz4ujdjht5e5vi6u6wcn75tn7y