Development of neoplastic region selection algorithm based on breast cancer whole slide image

S. N. Rjabceva, V. A. Kovalev, V. D. Malyshev, I. A. Siamionik, M. A. Derevyanko, R. A. Moskalenko, A. S. Dovbysh, T. R. Savchenko, A. N. Romaniuk
2020 Doklady BGUIR  
Analysis of breast cancer whole-slide image is an extremely labor-intensive process. Histological whole slide images have the following features: a high degree of tissue diversity both in one image and between different images, hierarchy, a large amount of graphic information and different artifacts. In this work, pre-processing of breast cancer whole-slide tissue image was carried out, which included normalization of the color distribution and the image area selection. We reduced the operating
more » ... duced the operating time of the other algorithms and excluded areas of breast cancer whole-slide tissue with a background to analyze. Also, an algorithm for finding similar neoplastic regions for semi-automatic selection using various image descriptors has been developed and implemented.
doi:10.35596/1729-7648-2020-18-8-21-28 fatcat:pnguxpr32vdftn23z2c4ejey3u