The Visible and Invisible Network of a Self-Organizing Town - Agent-Based Simulation for Investigating Urban Development Process

Jisun Lee, Hyunsoo Lee
2018 CAADRIA proceedings   unpublished
This study applies self-organization as a methodology to understand the complex process of city networks caused by interactions between spatial structures and individual behaviors. The agent-based simulations have been conducted to investigate the visible and invisible networks understanding the self-organized aspects of city development processes. To develop optimal future networks providing connectivity and accessibility this study investigates spatial network configurations from internal
more » ... vidual behavior and movement. As results, it was found that the spatial configurations of the agent movement trails match to the current district boundaries and the similar network patterns were seen in various control values of agent behavior settings. This study contributes to searching out the hierarchy of network structures which is an important factor for re-planning of the way system.
doi:10.52842/conf.caadria.2018.2.411 fatcat:cveauip46zgt7ieva3eyjmex2u