The Justice: A Moral Virtue

Shantaraj Debbarma
2020 Zenodo  
Justice is a moral virtue. We know that virtue is a principle or a value of human conduct which leads us in the realm of our end. Justice is a kind of moral virtue which helps us to achieve our end. It is a complete virtue that embraces personal and public life. Virtues are the means of our end i.e. happiness, and through justice we can achieve our ends, that is the reason of saying that justice is a moral virtue. Now justice is possible through just action and this just action is an outcome of
more » ... on is an outcome of trained mind or habits. Whether just action present or not justice is always present as to be just thing to do. So justice is an activity, and an effort and a moral sense is required to promote the justice. Justice has a purpose and the purpose is to distribute equal share or in other words to establish equality is the prime purpose of justice. Furthermore justice is also called a mean, because justice is an act which is intermediate of the two extremes. Moreover equality and justice is the two sides of the same coin. By reciprocity we can get only proportional equality, however reciprocity is a kind of thread that bind the people together. Justice is essential for synthesize our personal and social life. It uplifts the social life as well as it is necessary for attaining the prime objective of life. Justice not only conserves the happiness but it also creates the happiness in our personal and social life. This paper focuses on why and how justice is related in our happiness. It is a conceptual study of justice with reference to Aristotle.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3925369 fatcat:qzrtt2ccgjb7nh4fmryzhekyau