Determination of machines working elements speeds optimal correlation when watermelons and cabbages harvesting

Aleksey Nikolayevich Tseplyaev, Maxim Vladimirovitch Ulyanov, Aleksey Vitalievich Tseplyaev, Sergey Anatolyevich Klimov, Vitaliy Alekseevich Tseplyaev
2019 The Agrarian Scientific Journal  
In this article, the authors discuss the results of experiments to determine the working bodies moving elements speeds ratio when harvesting watermelons or cabbage heads, having a shape close to a spherical body. It was revealed that the conveyor harvester for watermelons harvesting, equipped with an active roll-in machine, can jam the fruit between the conveyor belt and the roll-in belt, this leads to the fruit damage. To find the minimum allowable damage level (up to 5% according to the
more » ... ording to the agrotechnical requirements), it is necessary that the roll-in tape is made of rubber cloth with a friction coefficient of fт = 0.48, with a ratio of speeds, the limits of change are from 1.0 to 1.3, fruit size is dmin= 15 cm, dmax = 30 cm.
doi:10.28983/asj.y2019i5pp89-94 fatcat:fxabxtrjqrhktma6k5opup4bya