Electronic coherence in metals: Comparing weak localization and time-dependent conductance fluctuations

A. Trionfi, S. Lee, D. Natelson
2004 Physical Review B  
Quantum corrections to the conductivity allow experimental assessment of electronic coherence in metals. We consider whether independent measurements of different corrections are quantitatively consistent, particularly in systems with spin-orbit or magnetic impurity scattering. We report weak localization and time-dependent universal conductance fluctuation data in quasi-one- and two-dimensional AuPd wires between 2 K and 20 K. The data inferred from both methods are in excellent quantitative
more » ... reement, implying that precisely the same coherence length is relevant to both corrections.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.70.041304 fatcat:m2oi7652nrft7ff6daqyh6koka