Bibliographic synthesis on biology and ecology of Hoplobatrachus occipitalis (Günther, 1858)

Théophile Godome, Ephrem Tossavi, Nahoua Issa Ouattara, Emile Didier Fiogbe
2018 International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences  
Hoplobatrachus occipitalis is a frog belonging to Dicroglossidae family, the most spread in West Africa. This study aimed at performing to bibliographic synthesis on biology and ecology of this species in order to assess its potential in aquaculture. It lives along banks, rocky reservoirs and earthen ponds and prefers savannah areas. It feeds on and diptera larvae. The growth of H. occipitalis depend on the temperature and pH of the medium. A pH range 6.2 and 7 and temperature equal or upper,
more » ... e equal or upper, than 28 °C are suitable for its growth. H. occipitalis is an oviparous species. Its first sexual maturity height is 124.5 mm for females and 95 mm for males and it often reproduces during rainy season. The rapid growth, resistance and high nutritional quality of this species are some of its important potentialities for aquaculture. Natural reserves of H. occipitalis are overexploited and therefore no more able to satisfy the populations demand. A successful breeding of this species can help not only to preserve and strengthen the natural reserves but to produce regularly bulbous crowfoot for human consumption.
doi:10.4314/ijbcs.v12i3.33 fatcat:unosfv22grhwpl4irm66y33x2u