Oscillation of Vortex Breakdown Location and Blowing Control of Time-Averaged Location

Anthony M. Mitchell, Didier Barberis, Pascal Molton, Jean Dé, lery
2000 AIAA Journal  
The goal of this research is the control of leading-edge vortex breakdown location utilizing along-the-core blowing near the apex on the leeward surface of sharp-edged, slender, delta wings at high angles of attack. In the S2Ch subsonic wind tunnel at ONERA Chalais-Meudon, two delta wing models with 70-deg sweep angles and root chords of 950 mm have been con gured to collect qualitative and quantitative surface and ow eld data. First, an examination of the streamwise, time-dependent oscillation
more » ... of the leading-edge vortex breakdown locations without active ow control is presented. These results further the understanding of the vortex breakdown phenomena and provide a more precise basis for evaluating the effectiveness of various ow control methods. Second, open-loop blowing along one of the vortex cores on the leeward surface of the delta wing demonstrates the ability to displace downstream the controlled, time-averaged, vortex breakdown location by 20% of the root chord.
doi:10.2514/2.1059 fatcat:bfw6svk72rb3vfys4xgi4kz2ya