Electrochemical and Quantum Chemical Investigations of the Insecticide Fipronil

Fabiano Okumura, Raquel B. Amaral, Ednilsom Orestes, Albérico B. F. Silva, Luiz Henrique Mazo
2015 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society  
This work describes an electrochemical and quantum chemical investigation of the fipronil insecticide. Cyclic voltammetry (CV) and square wave voltammetry (SWV) experiments were performed over a graphite-polyurethane (GPU) composite electrode. The fipronil molecule presents an one-electron irreversible oxidation reaction. Profiting the SWV signal a square wave stripping voltammetry (SWSV) procedure to determine the fipronil molecule in a 0.10 mol L -1 Britton-Robinson buffer solution, pH 8.0
more » ... solution, pH 8.0 was developed with accumulation potential and time of 0.50 V and 120 s, respectively. The limits of detection and quantification were 0.80 and 2.67 μg L -1 , respectively. Recovery tests were performed in three natural waters samples with values ranging from 99.67 to 101.37%. Quantum chemical studies showed that the nitrogen atom of the pyrazole group is the most probable oxidation site of the fipronil molecule.
doi:10.5935/0103-5053.20150347 fatcat:lfw2yceminfmbofrplzvp6lqwe