Analyticity of iterates of random non-expansive maps

François Baccelli, Dohy Hong
2000 Advances in Applied Probability  
This paper focuses on the analyticity of the limiting behavior of a class of dynamical systems defined by iteration of non-expansive random operators. The analyticity is understood with respect to the parameters which govern the law of the operators. The proofs are based on contraction with respect to certain projective semi-norms. Several examples are considered, including Lyapunov exponents associated with products of random matrices both in the conventional algebra, and in the (max, +)
more » ... the (max, +) semi-field, and Lyapunov exponents associated with non-linear dynamical systems arising in stochastic control. For the class of reducible operators (defined in the paper), we also address the issue of analyticity of the expectation of functionals of the limiting behavior, and connect this with contraction properties with respect to the supremum norm. We give several applications to queueing theory.
doi:10.1239/aap/1013540030 fatcat:hpyk5hhi35cnvnolq3ji4klonq