A Highly Stable-Output Kilohertz Femtosecond Hard X-ray Pulse Source for Ultrafast X-ray Diffraction

Di Zhao, Pengxian You, Jing Yang, Junhong Yu, Hang Zhang, Min Liao, Jianbo Hu
2022 Applied Sciences  
Femtosecond hard X-ray pulses generated by laser-driven plasma sources are eminently suitable to probe structural dynamics due to the angstrom spatial resolution and sub-picosecond time resolution. However, the insufficient flux of X-ray photons and high pulse-to-pulse instability compared with the large-scale ultrashort X-ray source, such as X-ray free-electron laser and synchrotrons, largely restricts its applications. In this work, we have optimized automation control and mechanical designs
more » ... o significantly enhance the reliability and photon flux in our femtosecond laser plasma-induced X-ray source. Specifically, the optimized source provides a reliable pulse-to-pulse stability with a fluctuation of less than 1% (root-mean-square) and a total flux of Cu-Kα X-ray photons above 1011 photons/s. To confirm its functionality, ultrafast X-ray diffraction experiments are conducted on two different samples and the high consistency with previous results verifies the system's superior performance.
doi:10.3390/app12094723 fatcat:jmetlrhsnjbvjnwa5bhmzbk4eu