Scales of Time Where the Quantum Discord Allows an Efficient Execution of the DQC1 Algorithm

M. Ávila, G. H. Sun, A. L. Salas-Brito
2014 Advances in Mathematical Physics  
The power of one qubit deterministic quantum processor (DQC1) (Knill and Laflamme (1998)) generates a nonclassical correlation known as quantum discord. The DQC1 algorithm executes in an efficient way with a characteristic time given byτ=Tr[Un]/2n, whereUnis annqubit unitary gate. For pure states, quantum discord means entanglement while for mixed states such a quantity is more than entanglement. Quantum discord can be thought of as the mutual information between two systems. Within the quantum
more » ... discord approach the role of time in an efficient evaluation ofτis discussed. It is found that the smaller the value oft/Tis, wheretis the time of execution of the DQC1 algorithm andTis the scale of time where the nonclassical correlations prevail, the more efficient the calculation ofτis. A Mösbauer nucleus might be a good processor of the DQC1 algorithm while a nuclear spin chain would not be efficient for the calculation ofτ.
doi:10.1155/2014/367905 fatcat:6hbdx3zkwzbtzctf4qvz3w4w6e