Supporting agent-based simulations on GPU [thesis]

Xiaosong Li
Using agent-based simulation (ABS) to analyze complex systems gains growing popularity over the past decades. It allows to take into account different levels of interactions as well as the heterogeneity of agents in the system. Through ABS, it is possible to forecast and explore future scenarios, experiment possible alternative decisions, and set different values for the decision variables to analyze the effects of these changes. At an aggregated level, the use of ABS can help in understanding
more » ... p in understanding general properties and patterns concerning the whole scenario that could not be deduced nor forecasted by the observation of each individual agent, due to the complexity of the interactions occurring among the agents. First and foremost, I would like to express my earnest and deepest gratitude to my PhD supervisor, Professor Cai Wentong, for his remarkable guidance, constant help and support, and lots of caring and patience in the past five years. He is a mentor of a lifetime to me, and I am honored to be his student. I believe that his immense knowledge, passion, and rigorous attitude in research not only help me completing this thesis, but will also influence my career and life in the future.
doi:10.32657/10356/69413 fatcat:rfv3dmtidfa6xhjcv3dycrzhke