Effect of Alkyl Chain Length on the Reaction of Alkylalkoxysilane with Ultrafine Silica Particles in Dry System
乾式系における超微粒子シリカとアルキルアルコキシシランとの 反応性に及ぼすアルキル鎖長の影響

2001 Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material  
The treatment of ultrafine silica surface with alkylalkoxysilane was carried out in a dry system for the introduction of alkyl groups onto the surface. In the treatment, water and alkylalkoxysilane were sprayed onto silica surface under nitrogen atmosphere and the reaction was conducted at 250°C for 180 min under agitation . The effects of the amount of alkylalkoxysilane and alkyl chain length of alkylalkoxysilane on the reaction of alkylalkoxysilane with silanol groups of the surface were
more » ... tigated. The carbon content, hydrophobic nature, and charging of treated silica surface were found to increase and the content of surface silanol group decreased with increasing amount ratio of alkylalkoxysilane to silanol groups on the surface. The reactivity of alkylalkoxysilane with surface silanol groups decreased with increasing chain length of alkylalkoxysilane because of steric hindrance . In addition, the reactivity of alkylalkoxysilane with surface silanol groups increased with increasing number of methoxy groups of alkylalkoxysilane .
doi:10.4011/shikizai1937.74.178 fatcat:crfphpts25b4bkbkbz3v3votja