Covid-19 Pandemisi Döneminde Akademisyenlerin Online/Uzaktan Eğitim Deneyimleri: Öğrencilerin Görünmezliği Ve Kişisel Veriler Sorunu

2021 Turkish Studies - Educational Sciences  
Education is one of the most affected institutions during the COVID-19. Education which generally was hinged on physical space before the pandemic causes new discussions inevitably when it was moved to virtual space. Educators/academicians/teachers have to teach their lessons in a new and unlimited area. However, the unbounded and unlimited nature of online education brought about the problem of the use of personal data in different fields and the invisibility of students during the lessons.
more » ... le students do not turn their camera on due to some reasons such as the inappropriate of home and environment, not having camera and microphone or being out of order the academicians can not be sure who is listening and watching them and it led the academicians to teach lessons in a more limited way. Our findings show that it also causes the lesson to be taught without developing comments and deep analysis. Furthermore, academicians frequently stressed that the online education system reduces the joining of the students to lessons and make more visible the inequality of opportunity while the system already is based on teacher-centred instruction. In this context, it is seen that the lessons are taught in a limited way, their efficiencies are decreasing and the academicians have reduced the lesson to a technical dimension. This study is based on a qualitative method and the samples are composed of 20 academicians who are lecturing at Bitlis Eren University. The data obtained is supported by literature search and discussed on a sociological basis. With that aspect, this study paves the way for new studies in terms of understanding behaviours in online education. Structured Abstract: Education is one of the most important institutions of countries. It helps the governments to teach new generations in line with the states' ideology. However, the method that countries used was interrupted owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers/educators are no longer hinged on the physical spaces such as schools and universities or educational institutions in general. They had to stay away from the institutions as they cause the coronavirus to be spread by huddling students together in the same spaces. during the pandemic, countries do their best to not interrupt the education system which required them to create new spaces for online education depending on their experiences. Turkey which is one of the countries that encountered pandemic also decided to continue the education on internet-based communication technologies. It won't be wrong to say that Turkey has made a process in the field of online education and its technical infrastructure based on previous experiences.
doi:10.47423/turkishstudies.50582 fatcat:t3sej3vjkrdkbgoq4vhvz2lu6y