Prescribed List of Junior Declamations [article]

University Of Texas At Austin
the chairman presiding. 8. It is recommended that we discontinue the practice of having all declaimers sit at the same time on the stage or platform when declamations are delivered. The procedure used in Extemporaneous Speaking Contests is the one to be followed. 9. It is recommended that only one good critic judge be used for all declamation contests. If a good critic is not available, use three or more persons, but use those having some training in modern speech methods. 10. Study the judging
more » ... standards for Declamation Contests before your students begin to prepare for contest. You will find them of value as guides to assist you in coaching your speakers. 11. If you desire to have a poem considered for inclusion in next year's Prescribed List, please send a copy of the poem to the State Office. 12. Read carefully the Declamation rulea found in the latest Constitution and Rules. Write the State Office for a copy if your principal or superintendent does not have one.
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