Diminished-1 multiplier using modulo adder

Beerendra Kumar Patel, Jitendra Kanung
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
In this work Modulo multiplier offers higher computational speed than a normal multiplier. It is frequently used in data security and residue number system. The modulo 122n+1"> has three basic blocks-partial product generation block, inverted end around carry adder tree block and diminished-1 modulo 122n+1"> adder block. The result and an operand use weighted representation and others uses the diminished-1 for the modulo multiplier. The multipliers receive full inputs and avoid (n+1) bits
more » ... id (n+1) bits circuits due to diminished-1 number representation. In this work, proposed modulo 122n+1"> multiplier with modified diminished-1 modulo 122n+1"> adder which is based on ripple carry adder. The proposed design saves significant area and power as compared to the reported one with little increment in delay.
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i4.20.22117 fatcat:l7ybv2ahdzg3dhysxgilxfin7u