Experimental studies of slow stable brittle crack-growth in polymethyl-methacrylate

P. S. Theocaris
1983 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
A controlled crack growth was achieved in single edge-cracked specimens made of a high-molecular weight PNNA by regulating the crosshead speed of loading of the specimens by a computer-driven testing device. The crosshead speeds used during the tests were varied between v =1x107m/s and 1X1O5m/s. 5 It was shown that in this area of very slow quasi-static loading of brittle plexiglas specimens under conditions of plane stress the crack initiated at some critical value of loading, characteristic
more » ... g, characteristic of the crosshead speed and almost independent of the initial crack length.
doi:10.1351/pac198355050853 fatcat:ru735tawqraodoyxlidvtr2oju