Antioxidant and Inflammatory Mediators Regulation Effects of the Roots of Opuntia humifusa

Ye Jin Kim, Chan Ik Park, Soo Jin Kim, Eun Mi Ahn
2014 Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry  
The roots of Opuntia humifusa (OHR) were extracted with 80% aqueous MeOH and the concentrated extract was partitioned with EtOAc, n-butanol and H 2 O, successively. The fractions were tested using DPPH and ABST radical scavenging method. The all fractions showed potent scavenging effects. The scavenging effect of the EtOAc fraction was higher than the other fractions, with IC 50 values as DPPH; 77.0±1.38 µg/mL, ABTS: 26.3±2.02 µg/mL. And, we investigated anti-inflammatory activities by
more » ... ivities by examining the effects of the OHR fractions on pro-inflammatory cytokine release in the human mast cells (HMC-1). Treatment with OHR fractions clearly reduced the release of the proinflammatory cytokines tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), interleukin (IL)-1β, interleukin (IL)-6 and interleukin (IL)-8) in PMACI-stimulated HMC-1 cells. The results showed the potential of OHR as an excellent antioxidant substance and inhibiting inflammatory mediators. Therefore, OHR may be used as a therapeutic approach to various inflammatory diseases. Keywords anti-inflammatory · HMC-1 · Opuntia humifusa · radical scavenging activity 서 론 천년초(Opuntia humifusa)는 선인장과 식물로 부채선인장아과 (Opuntioideae) 부채선인장(Opuntia) 속으로 부르며, 영하
doi:10.3839/jabc.2014.001 fatcat:xj7c556irzhzvpsxgbwb2kayka