Density cleaning for some Turkish lignites

Serdar YILMAZ, Mehmet BİLEN
2021 Environmental Research and Technology  
ABS TR AC T In the scope of this study, in order to determine the floatability characteristics of lignites, 5 samples were collected from various lignite reserves of Turkey namely Dursunbey, Çayırhan, Ilgın, Ermenek, and Gürmin-Merzifon. Collected samples were analyzed in terms of float and sink analysis. As regards to float and sink analysis, the original samples were floated and sinked in 2 different ZnCl2 solutions of densities 1.40 and 1.60 g cm-3 . Proximate analysis of each original
more » ... for the corresponding lignite was carried out in the beginning of this study. In terms of proximate analysis performed, Dursunbey lignite sample has the lowest ash content of 24.86 % while Gürmin Merzifon lignite sample has the highest ash content of 45.02 %, respectively. Accordingly, 5 float and sink analysis graphic obtained and they would help one to understand and easily figure out the optimum medium density for cleaning.
doi:10.35208/ert.828660 fatcat:ocwlrcurlvabnnuo44btf56l3y