Modeling the Double Layer Capacitance Effect in Electrolyte Gated FETs with Gel and Aqueous Electrolytes

Roslyn S. Massey, Ravi Prakash
2021 Micromachines  
Potential implementation of bio-gel Electrolyte Double Layer capacitors (bio-gel EDLCs) and electrolyte-gated FET biosensors, two commonly reported configurations of bio-electrolytic electronic devices, requires a robust analysis of their complex internal capacitive behavior. Presently there is neither enough of the parameter extraction literature, nor an effective simulation model to represent the transient behavior of these systems. Our work aims to supplement present transient thin film
more » ... istor modelling techniques with the reported parameter extraction method, to accurately model both bio-gel EDLC and the aqueous electrolyte gated FET devices. Our parameter extraction method was tested with capacitors analogous to polymer-electrolyte gated FETs, electrolyte gated Field effect transistor (EGOFET) and Organic Electrolyte Gated Field Effect Transistor (OEGFET) capacitance stacks. Our method predicts the input/output electrical behavior of bio-gel EDLC and EGOFET devices far more accurately than conventional DLC techniques, with less than 5% error. It is also more effective in capturing the characteristic aqueous electrolyte charging behavior and maximum charging capability which are unique to these systems, than the conventional DLC Zubieta and the Two branch models. We believe this significant improvement in device simulation is a pivotal step towards further integration and commercial implementation of organic bio-electrolyte devices. The effective reproduction of the transient response of the OEGFET equivalent system also predicts the transient capacitive effects observed in our previously reported label-free OEGFET biosensor devices. This is the first parameter extraction method specifically designed for electrical parameter-based modelling of organic bio-electrolytic capacitor devices.
doi:10.3390/mi12121569 pmid:34945419 pmcid:PMC8704607 fatcat:np4vako6fff6feukgzvik5z3ca