D4.1 METRO-HAUL Control and Management Requirements and Framework

Ramon Casellas, Ricardo Martínez, Ricard Vilalta, Raül Muñoz, Michela Svaluto, Luis Velasco, Gabriel Junyent, Jaume Comellas, Marc Ruiz, Francisco Javier Moreno Muro, Miquel Garrich, Pablo Pavón (+18 others)
2018 Zenodo  
This document (D4.1) reports the initial design of the METRO-HAUL control platform. It provides an overview of the control and management requirements and framework justifying design choices and deployment models. D4.1 covers a preliminary specification of the interfaces in view of integration and interoperability, listing selected components to be developed and to be integrated in demonstration scenarios. For each component, D4.1 details its implementation roadmap, functional regression and
more » ... egration tests, and the means to validate the implementation, including control KPIs. The METRO-HAUL control, orchestration and management system that enables the dynamic provisioning of services, such as network data connectivity or network slicing instances, is presented from a high-level point of view. The COM is based on Software Defined Networking principles, with a centralized network control plane. This control plane is hierarchical, with an SDN control per technology domain. Along the SDN control plane for the provisioning of connectivity, a European Telecommunications Standards Institute Network Function Virtualization Management and Orchestration MANO part is responsible for the instantiation of NFV-based Network Services, understood in this context as interconnected Virtual Network Functions. As key components of the system and as examples of the innovation behind METRO-HAUL, there is Monitoring and Data Analytics (MDA) subsystem, able to recommend actions to the controllers based on performance monitoring and telemetry data and a service and network planner component, which enables the COM system to off-load computations such as VNF placement or network reconfiguration to task optimized entities.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2586712 fatcat:db2lgebgy5c2tn3i3stsgvqzqu