Determination of all Dimensions of CdSe Seeded CdS Nanorods Solely via their UV/Vis Spectra

Patrick Adel, Julian Bloh, Dominik Hinrichs, Torben Kodanek, Dirk Dorfs
2017 Zeitschrift fur physikalische Chemie (Munchen. 1991)  
AbstractIn the present manuscript we develop a method to determine all characteristic dimensions of CdSe seeded CdS nanorods solely via their extinction spectra without the need for electron microscopical investigations. In detail, the core diameter as well as the overall diameter and length and the molar extinction coefficient can all be derived from characteristic points in the absorption spectra. We carefully investigate in which size regime our assumptions are valid and give an estimation
more » ... ive an estimation of the expected error, making it possible for the reader to decide whether this method is sufficiently accurate for their respective system. Our method displays a comfortable and fast route to analyze these nowadays often used nanorods.
doi:10.1515/zpch-2016-0887 fatcat:6yioiyku5nfbhfciflygkigfqy