Sneeze Evoking Region within the Brainstem Satoshi Nonaka and Tokuji Unno

Satoshi Nonaka, Tokuji Unno
1987 Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica Suppl  
We examined the neuronal mechanisms of sneezing in precollicular postmammillary decerebrate cats. Mechanical stimulation (duration; 5 s, frequency; 20 Hz, amplitude; 500 pm) of the nasal membrane by means of a spring coil vibrator evoked sneezes. In the same preparation, electrical stimulation (0.2 ms, 10 Hz, 10-40 itA) of a certain area within the lower brainstem evoked sneezes. The sequences of EMG activation and the accompanying change in the subglottic pressure were almost the same for
more » ... t the same for mechanically and electrically induced sneezes. The sneeze evoking region was located ventromedial to the spinal trigeminal nucleus, and extended rostrocaudally from P4.0 to 12.0 according to Horsley-Clarke coordinates. A microlesion made at a caudal portion of this region diminished the effects of rostral stimulation, but a microlesion made at the rostral portion had no effect on caudal stimulation. These results suggest that the sneeze evoking region is located in the medulla oblongata, with no regional differences from the rostral region to the caudal region. This region appears to control the respiratory, intrinsic laryngeal, epipharyngeal muscles. The integrated activity of these muscles evokes sneezes.
doi:10.5631/jibirinsuppl1986.1987.supplement15_160 fatcat:luwyjldpgrcytadjepqnrao42m