Searching for Animal Research Methodology: The Potential Impact of Differences Between the PubMed Record and Full-Text Methods Section

Emily Mazure, Melissa Ratajeski, Karen Gau, Erica Brody, Brian Pace, Brandi Tuttle
• Large animal protocols submitted to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs) are required to include searches for alternatives, and address the "3Rs": • Refinement: use methodology and protocols that reduce pain and distress • Replacement: substitute animals with non-animal models or lower species • Reduction: minimize the number of animals • Locating descriptions of methodology for the refinement concept is challenging since PubMed (and most other databases) do not search
more » ... o not search full-text. RESULTS • Rhesus monkey AND commonly abused substances • Limits: English, last 10 years, MEDLINE, & "has abstract" • 1 reviewer/article • Articles randomized for screening • EXCLUDE if: no full methods, faulty PDF, no rhesus, additional animal used, studying other drugs • 2 reviewers/article • 2 nd reviewer an animal research 'expert' • Statistical consult • Analyze MeSH Process • Determine how well the title/abstract (T/A) and MeSH terms cover the content of the methods section in in-vivo animal research articles. • Describe how coverage might impact a search.