Characteristics of Adhesion According to Metal Surface Treatment in Metal Insert Molding
금속 인서트 몰딩에서 금속의 표면처리에 따른 접착특성

Se Lyn Kim, Min-Young Lyu, Sung Woong Jang
2017 Porrime  
There exist various methods to give a metallic texture to plastic products. Those are plating, coating, injection with pearl resin, etc. The most effective way among many methods is adhesion of metal and plastics directly through injection molding. Metal and plastics can be attached by metal insert molding after insertion the metal in the cavity of mold without any additional processes. However, the adhesion strength at the interface between metal and plastics can be weakened by shrinkage
more » ... ence and dissimilar characteristics of two materials. In this study, adhesion strengths for metal insert molded specimens have been investigated with variously surface treated metal plates. Surface treatments of metal surfaces were done by etching, sand blasting, and laser machining. Adhesion strengths were diverse according to the surface treatment of metal and they depended upon surface morphology. In these experiments, the highest adhesion strength was exhibited in the metal insert molded specimen with laser machined metal plate by controlling the head angle of laser.
doi:10.7317/pk.2017.41.4.727 fatcat:nnsbkrfw6jhwhedodvispqvmta