Soft Error Mitigation Through Selective Addition of Functionally Redundant Wires

S. Almukhaizim, Y. Makris
2008 IEEE Transactions on Reliability  
We introduce a logic-level soft error mitigation methodology for combinational circuits. The proposed method exploits the existence of logic implications in a design, and is based on selective addition of pertinent functionally redundant wires to the circuit. We demonstrate that the addition of functionally redundant wires reduces the probability that a Single-Event Transient (SET) error will reach a primary output, and, by extension, the Soft Error Rate (SER) of the circuit. We discuss three
more » ... thods for identifying candidate functionally redundant wires, and we outline the necessary conditions for adding them to the circuit. We then present an algorithm that assesses the SET sensitization probability reduction achieved by candidate functionally redundant wires, and selects an appropriate subset that, when added to the design, minimizes its SER. Experimental results on ISCAS'89 benchmark circuits demonstrate that the proposed soft error mitigation methodology yields a significant SER reduction at the expense of commensurate hardware, power, and delay overhead. Index Terms-Logic implications, single-event transient, soft error rate, soft error sensitization probability. 0018-9529/$25.00
doi:10.1109/tr.2008.916877 fatcat:3ao6nopr7ffyflxiqbm537w35y