Electronic structure of fully epitaxial Co2TiSn thin films

Markus Meinert, Jan Schmalhorst, Hendrik Wulfmeier, Günter Reiss, Elke Arenholz, Tanja Graf, Claudia Felser
2011 Physical Review B  
In this article we report on the properties of thin films of the full Heusler compound Co2TiSn prepared by DC magnetron co-sputtering. Fully epitaxial, stoichiometric films were obtained by deposition on MgO (001) substrates at substrate temperatures above 600C. The films are well ordered in the L21 structure, and the Curie temperature exceeds slightly the bulk value. They show a significant, isotropic magnetoresistance and the resistivity becomes strongly anomalous in the paramagnetic state.
more » ... e films are weakly ferrimagnetic, with nearly 1 μ_B on the Co atoms, and a small antiparallel Ti moment, in agreement with theoretical expectations. From comparison of x-ray absorption spectra on the Co L3/L2 edges, including circular and linear magnetic dichroism, with ab initio calculations of the x-ray absorption and circular dichroism spectra we infer that the electronic structure of Co2TiSn has essentially non-localized character. Spectral features that have not been explained in detail before, are explained here in terms of the final state band structure.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.83.064412 fatcat:bwm6pktwrjhxtlda4isw2oqfna