Genetic slow-mode/fast-mode optimisation of digital PID controllers

B. Porter, D.L. Hicks
Proceedings of the IEEE 1995 National Aerospace and Electronics Conference. NAECON 1995  
The optimal parameter settings for digital PID controllers incorporated in model-following systems are complicated, unknown functions of the underlying sampling frequency. In order to simplify the design process, genetic algorithms have previously been used to tune the restricted set of controller parameters affecting the fast modes of the closed-loop system. However. it is important to investigate the effects of both slow and fast modes on model-following behaviour by using an enlarged set of
more » ... an enlarged set of controller paramettrs in the genetic optimisation procedure. This use of genetic algorithms is illustrated in this paper by the design of model-following flight-control systems for the F-16 aircraft.
doi:10.1109/naecon.1995.521981 fatcat:h2gyznqf7bhk3imjzmq27ighca