Considerations on organizing and conducting a radio debate case study: a debate on media representation of children

Davian Vlad
2017 Social Sciences and Education Research Review   unpublished
Organizing and conducting a radio debate is a complex journalistic process which must be done carefully and responsibly. The conceptual procedure should be done by focusing on all the aspects involved in the topics that are taken into debate. The points of view of all the parts involved in the matter under discussion are to be taken into consideration. As an example, a radio debate about the media representation of children must start from presenting all the laws, rules, regulations,
more » ... ions and provisions concerning the subject. Then there should be expounded both the right and the inadvisable approaches of media representation of underage persons, and also the methods that can be used in order to counteract a toxic tendency that can be identified in Romania and elsewhere. It is exactly how the radio debate analyzed here was designed and carried out.