Capillary Driven Saturation of Textile Reinforcing Structures Proposal for an Extension of Lucas-Washburn Equation

Ralf Schledjewski, Yannick Blößl, Stefan Neunkirchen
2022 Key Engineering Materials  
Liquid composite molding (LCM) is a widely used group of various different processing techniques allowing to produce small, medium or even very big sized components from prototype level up to series production. During the infiltration it is necessary to run the process in a way preventing void formation. The typically used textile reinforcing structure results in a dual-scale impregnation consisting of micro impregnation within the constituent yarns of the textile structure and a macro
more » ... ion between the yarns. Capillary rise experiments on flat textile samples are used and the well-known Lucas-Washburn equation has been extended to cover the special configuration. A porous capillary wall is assumed to better represent the three-dimensional nature of capillary networks within reinforcing textiles. An according test rig is presented. Accurate experimental results are gained and capillary radii are computed simple and fast via curve regression.
doi:10.4028/p-7i6t7p fatcat:43bzch4pmfbmpjkd4ih4ndc7o4