Secured and Scalable Multicasting through new SCDMP Protocol in MANET

Govind VHaldankar, Majusha Deshmukh
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In MANET, multicast routing can take full advantage of the shared wireless channel. Wireless communication is defined as sharing of information between one or more systems through wireless links. We propose Secure Core Defined Mesh based protocol (SCDMP) which can scale to a large group size and large network size. The protocol is designed to be complete and collected, and efficient for more reliable operation. Security of the network infrastructure is obtained using standard encryption
more » ... encryption techniques that permit to achieve both confidentiality and integrity of the exchanged traffic. A hop-by-hop encryption scheme based on the cryptographic functions operating at the data link layer is used in order to secure both data and signaling communications against external attacks. Simulations based on NS2 and glomosim shows that proposed protocol having better performance metrics such as, average End to end Delay, Packet delivery ratio, by varying group size, node density, moving speed, for network range.
doi:10.5120/16933-6948 fatcat:24z77f4wova2nj62oisssbpkmu