Exploring the complexity of layout parameters in tournaments and semi-complete digraphs [article]

Florian Barbero, Christophe Paul, Michał Pilipczuk
2017 arXiv   pre-print
A simple digraph is semi-complete if for any two of its vertices u and v, at least one of the arcs (u,v) and (v,u) is present. We study the complexity of computing two layout parameters of semi-complete digraphs: cutwidth and optimal linear arrangement (OLA). We prove that: (1) Both parameters are NP-hard to compute and the known exact and parameterized algorithms for them have essentially optimal running times, assuming the Exponential Time Hypothesis; (2) The cutwidth parameter admits a
more » ... tic Turing kernel, whereas it does not admit any polynomial kernel unless NP⊆coNP/poly. By contrast, OLA admits a linear kernel. These results essentially complete the complexity analysis of computing cutwidth and OLA on semi-complete digraphs. Our techniques can be also used to analyze the sizes of minimal obstructions for having small cutwidth under the induced subdigraph relation.
arXiv:1706.00617v1 fatcat:7aoy6ah4znbbzc6u77xckl2hwe