Laryngostomy and Tracheo-Laryngostomy in the Cure of Severe Chronic Stenosis of the Larynx or Trachea, Especially When Cicatricial

Sargnon, Barlatier, Chichele Nourse
1908 The Journal of Laryngology Rhinology and Otology  
July, 1908.] Rhinology, and Otology. 365 cavity was cleaned and lightly packed with iodoform gauze, and the retro-aural wound was kept open in view of further operative interference should such be deemed necessary. The wound was dressed daily with peroxide of hydrogen and gauze, and following the operation the temperature fell to normal and remained so for the next four or five days, when it suddenly went up to 104° F. As the condition of the patient for the next fourteen days contra-indicated
more » ... he probable existence of abscess-formation in the brain, but pointed to meningeal irritation and septic absorption, attention was directed to the local and general treatment. Ko optic neuritis was present. On the twenty-second day after operation the patient became very dull and irritable, marked symptoms of word-deafness set in, but no paresis or focal symptoms in the limbs, face or eye-muscles could be made out. Food was refused; next day oedema of the lids and conjunctiva of the left eye set in with proptosis and restricted movements of the globe. Some hours later the right eye showed a similar condition, coma set in, and patient died early on the following looming-. Vod-mortem.-The dura mater corresponding to the gap in the roof of the middle ear was thickened and infiltrated with pus, but the diseased area was limited to an area the size of a shilling. -Ihe extreme edge of the left lateral hemisphere of the cerebellum showed a slight area of diseased and adherent dura mater. There was well-marked purulent cavernous sinus thrombosis. o trace of abscess could be discovered in any part of the brainsubstance. Of Lyons. (Translated by MR. CHICHELE NOURSE.) Definition.-Under this name we designate the operation which consists in laying open the larynx and the upper part of the trachea, m such a way as to insure a permanent opening or a temporary one of ^ng duration.
doi:10.1017/s1755146300181314 fatcat:jt2mhazfk5gvjbiwo4mcqwwnim