Semiotic Dynamics in Online Social Communities

C. Cattuto
2007 Towards New Milestones in Our Quest to Go Beyond the Standard Model  
A distributed classification paradigm known as collaborative tagging has been successfully deployed in large-scale web applications designed to organize and share diverse online resources. Communities of web users categorize resources by associating metadata with them, in the form of freely chosen text labels, or tags. Here we regard tags as basic dynamical entities and study the semiotic dynamics underlying collaborative tagging. We collect data from a popular system, focusing on tagging data
more » ... ssociated with a given resource, and report our experimental findings. Remarkably, we observe a universal power-law behavior for the dynamics of tag accumulation. On studying the frequency distribution of tags, we find a generalized Zipf's behavior and quantitatively describe the observed distributions in terms of a previously introduced Yule-Simon process with heavy-tailed memory. 1 2
doi:10.1142/9789812779120_0020 fatcat:n3ifq34t65cblodb3f22fff4dm