209Bi(6He,α) reaction mechanisms studied near the Coulomb barrier using n–α coincidence measurements

J.P Bychowski, P.A DeYoung, B.B Hilldore, J.D Hinnefeld, A Vida, F.D Becchetti, J Lupton, T.W O'Donnell, J.J Kolata, G Rogachev, M Hencheck
2004 Physics Letters B  
The 6 He + 209 Bi reaction displays a remarkably large cross section for α-particle emission at energies near the Coulomb barrier. The possible reactions that may produce the observed α particles include two-neutron transfer, one-neutron transfer, and direct projectile breakup. Each of these mechanisms results in a distinctive angular correlation between the α particle and outgoing neutron(s). A neutron-α-particle coincidence experiment was performed to separate these different modes. The
more » ... nt modes. The neutron data show significant angular correlations. Monte Carlo simulations of one-neutron transfer are compared with the experimental data. It is shown that approximately 20% of the observed α-particle yield is due to this process.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2004.05.058 fatcat:qhsqxjat45bt3m762pudr5gi5y