The Application of Carbon Fiber Composites in Cryotank [chapter]

Hongfei Zheng, Xuesen Zeng, Jianbao Zhang, Hongjie Sun
2018 Solidification  
To meet the design goal for lightweighting the next-generation launch vehicles, carbon fiber reinforced polymeric-based composites are being explored for cryogenic fuel tank applications. The applications of carbon fiber composites in liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid oxygen (LOX) fuel tanks were introduced in this chapter. The materials, processing, and design of DC-XA LH2 tank, X-33 LH2 tank, SLI LH2 tank, and CCTD Program tank were discussed. Lockheed Martin LOX tank and Space X LOX tank were
more » ... ace X LOX tank were introduced. Technology development, materials development, and development trend of cryogenic fuel tanks were discussed. Thin-ply hybrid laminates and out-of-autoclave tanks are projected for future space missions.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.73127 fatcat:7dswllqwdncbhmu5tm2i2jzdhi