Isolation of Gametophytic Cells and Identification of Their Cell-Specific Markers in Torenia fournieri, T. concolor and Lindernia micrantha

Nao Kawano, Daichi Susaki, Narie Sasaki, Tetsuya Higashiyama, Masahiro M. Kanaoka
Gametophytic cells in the female embryo sac, the egg, the central and the synergid cells have unique roles in sexual reproduction in higher plants. To investigate their cell-specific features, an efficient method of distinguishing and isolating each gametophytic cell is required. By testing the activities of several cellulase enzymes, we modified our previous cell isolation method and succeeded in isolating each cell from the Torenia and Lindernia species. We also established genetic markers
more » ... t show specific expression patterns in each gametophytic cell. These markers, together with the cell isolation method, will be useful for analyzing the function of gametophytic cells.
doi:10.1508/cytologia.76.177 fatcat:coh2zuskljdqrb7u342la7braa