A unique technique to handle the complexity and improve the effectiveness of test cases in software testing

S. Baladwarakanath, K. Vijay
2015 Journal of Innovative Technology and Education  
Software Testing is a critical part of the whole process of development, on which the quality of the products delivered strictly depends. The testing is performed to verify the software using various types of information that are available in the project. When the internal state is present, a group of various function calls is mandatory for testing the software. At times, to test a particular section of the program, a group of function calls which are already used is needed to obtain the
more » ... o obtain the internal state of the code in exact configuration. This unique method of internal states is used in OOPS and also in software's that are procedural. Here we are analyzing the impact of the length of test cases plays in testing particular software in a single branch of code that is covered during the process of testing. We use this in difficult circumstances of software testing, randomly shortlisted test case set along with the test cases and source code make their testing trivial. Hence, we proposed new technique is complexity module that makes accuracy in testing the Source code and modules of the test cases. This technique will keep the internal state in proper configuration to cover the branch code by function call.
doi:10.12988/jite.2015.543 fatcat:3rfczk2rejfyvao5ck7r7yqsoi