Lattice-constrained parametrizations of form factors for semileptonic and rare radiative B decays

Luigi Del Debbio, Jonathan M Flynn, Laurent Lellouch, Juan Nieves
1998 Physics Letters B  
We describe the form factors for B to rho lepton neutrino and B to K* gamma decays with just two parameters and the two form factors for B to pi lepton neutrino with a further two or three parameters. The parametrizations are consistent with heavy quark symmetry, kinematic constraints and lattice results, which we use to determine the parameters. In addition, we test versions of the parametrizations consistent (or not) with light-cone sum rule scaling relations at q^2=0.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(97)01350-6 fatcat:sh2ecwl5z5hu7bf35wius57ktm