Erratum: In Situ IR Study of the Anodic Polarization of Gold Electrodes in Polar Aprotic Solvents: DMSO and DMF Solutions of Cyanate, Thiocyanate and Selenocyanate Ions [J. Electrochem. Soc., 161, H738 (2014)]

Kethsiri H. K. L. Alwis, Michael R. Mucalo
2014 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
On page H739, right column, the caption for Figure 1 should be Figure 1. Cyclic voltammograms of the gold electrode in DMF and DMSO solvents containing pseudohalide ions and 0.1 mol L −1 TBAP (sweep rate = 20 mV/s): 0.025 mol L −1 KOCN in (a) DMF and (b) DMSO, 0.05 mol L −1 NaSCN in (c) DMF and (d) DMSO, 0.05 mol L −1 KSeCN in (e) DMF and (f) DMSO. Arrows show the path actually traced upon conducting the forward and backward sweep of potentials. On page H745, Table II should be Table II. FTIR
more » ... be Table II. FTIR data from IR studies of DMF or DMSO model solutions of KAuBr 4 and potassium (or sodium) pseudohalide ion salts prepared with different mole ratios. Model solution studied and mole ratio of KAuBr 4 : pseudohalide salt prepared in DMF or DMSO (X = O, S, Se)
doi:10.1149/2.0951412jes fatcat:kxpiaa6yy5delgpha4ebud7bdy