Cordycepin. An inhibitor of newly synthesized globin messenger RNA

L R Beach, J Ross
1978 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The effect of cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine) on newly synthesized globin mRNA in cultured mouse fetal liver erythroid cells is investigated. At cordycepin concentrations that do not inhibit amino acid incorporation into acid-precipitable material, the quantity of pulse-labeled (radioactive) globin mRNA nucleotide sequences is reduced by 90%, as compared to adenosine-treated controls. The reduction of radioactivity in globin-specific RNA sequences is greater than the inhibition of total RNA
more » ... n of total RNA synthesis in experiments in which the labeling times range from 6 to 60 min. Control experiments demonstrate that cordycepin does not reduce the recovery of total cell RNA or steady state (unlabeled) globin mRNA. The hybridization assay used to detect radioactive globin mRNA sequences is independent of the cellular location or the number of 3'-terminal adenylate residues in the mRNA-containing molecules. These data thus indicate that cordycepin inhibits newly synthesized mRNA as effectively as it inhibits ribosomal and transfer RNA synthesis.
pmid:305436 fatcat:mrct6nveyvhuvnyakxf2u4slqu