Environmental remediation through wastewater management via hybrid nanocomposite matrix – A organized review [post]

Kaushik Pal, Subhendu Chakroborty, Pravati Panda, Nibedita Nath, Siba Soren
2022 unpublished
Pollution of water is currently a significant worry for scientific communities all over the world, and it is imperative that this problem be solved as quickly as possible. It is today recognized to be one of the most important foci of research worldwide. The present dilemma of clean, fresh waste is being addressed by the subsequent ejection of impurities from polluted water following recycling. There are several effective solutions that have been promoted as a solution to this problem. Even if
more » ... he present procedures for wastewater treatment degrade a wide variety of effluents efficiently, these protocols still have some kind of restrictions. The most cutting-edge research in this area is being done on the subject of nanotechnology, which has an astounding number of potential uses, one of which is the treatment of wastewater. One of the value-added alternatives utilized for water purification by eliminating the many types of pollutants found in wastewater is the green synthesis of nanocomposites in adsorbents, magnetic separation, photocatalysts and other similar processes. Within the scope of this study, the most significant discoveries of nanocomposites to date that have been made towards the remediation of wastewater are highlighted.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1652597/v1 fatcat:zgqc66ua2vcnzb7azfocxaaudi